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Baja California and Guanajuato will be part of your wine adventure!

Photo: Guadalupe Valley, Baja California – File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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September is the vintage season in several parts of the world and Mexico is no exception.
These are the highlights in the wine producing areas of Baja California and Guanajuato.

1. Enoexperiences Bernat Winery (Enoexperiencias Bernat Vinícola), Guanajuato
From August 12 to September 9
Cost: MXN$ 120 or MXN$ 240 per person (includes wine tasting and snacks).
A tour of the vineyard, cellars and tasting room will be part of the journey.
For more information visit:

2. Two Owl vineyard vintage (Vendimia viñedo Dos Búhos), Guanajuato
September 9
Cost: MXN$ 1,500 per person
San Miguel de Allende will welcome you with its vineyards and wineries, cheese tasting, olive oils and artisanal bread.
For more information visit:

3.Wolf's Winery vintage (Vendimia Viñedo del Lobo), Guanajuato
September 9
Cost: MXN$ 1,500 per person
One of the longest harvest starting with a decadent breakfast.
This wine experience includes grape cutting, charcuterie tasting, delicate cheeses and outstanding wines.
For more information visit:

4. Catárstica, Baja California
Every Thursday in September and October
Cost: MXN$ 1200 per person
There will be a tasting show including opera, dancing, theater and live music.
A wine and food tour of the area will be included as well.
For more information visit:


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