Mexico’s northern Chihuahua state to challenge U.S. water payments in international courts

Chihuahua farmers have protested against water payments to the United States

Mexico’s northern Chihuahua state to challenge U.S. water payments in international courts
The clashes between farmers in Chihuahua and the National Guard have turned violent - Photo: Cristian Torres/EL UNIVERSAL
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The different political forces of the Chihuahua’s State Congress signed a declaration in which they agreed to resort to international courts with the purpose of defending water in Chihuahua.

In said document, all the members of the local Congress assert their support to the farmers of the Center-Sout region and demand justice for Yessica Silva, who was murdered after participating in a protest at the La Boquilla dam, and her husband Jaime Torres, who was severely injured at the attack and died in a hospital.

The document adds “Nothing will stop us from defending water in Chihuahua because we will resort to international courts for a deep review of the 1944 International Waters Treaty between the United States and Mexico.”


Likewise, they assert the “deaf” Federal Government has turned its back on farmers.

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It must be stressed that said declaration includes the names and signatures of congresspeople who share the same stance, including members of leftist party MORENA.

The signatories include the president of the State Congress, Blanca Gámez (PAN), the coordinator of the PAN’s bench, Fernando Álvarez; the coordinator of MORENA congresspeople, Miguel Colunga; the PRI’s representative Rosa Isela Gaytán; René Frías from the New Alliance Party, Rubén Aguilar from the PT; Misael Maýnez from the PES; Rocío Sarmiento from Citizen Movement; and Alejandro Gloria from PVEM.


In addition to guaranteeing their support to Chihuahua farmers, they demanded that the elements from the National Guard be immediately removed from the state’s dams.

Finally, the urged Mexico’s President López Obrador and Chihuahua’s delegate of social programs, Juan Carlos Loera de la Rosa, to meet the farmer’s demands and ensure the welfare of people in Chihuahua.


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