Mexico unveils its National Infrastructure Plan

The private industry will invest millions on 147 projects

Mexico unveils its National Infrastructure Plan
The private industry will participate on important projects including roads, transport, construction, ports, and tourism - Photo: Edgard Garrido/REUTERS
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It's been almost one year since President López Obrador took office and yesterday, his administration finally presented its National Infrastructure Program. The federal government emphasized that the majority of the resources come from the private industry and it almost equals the budget the government will invest in its own initiatives.

The MXN $859,000 million will be invested in 147 large projects in the next five years. Almost half of the resources will be invested in projects that will be launched in 2020, while the other half will be spent gradually. President López Obrador says that besides this investment, international banks and foreign funds will also invest in Mexico in the next 5 years.

The private industry will participate in important projects including roads, transport, construction, ports, and tourism, as well as a discreet participation in the energy industry for a complimentary installation for the Dos Bocas refinery in Tabasco.

Mexico will spend $44 billion on its National Infrastructure Program

In this first part of the plan, there are still pending investments for education, agriculture, and security. Furthermore, business leaders asked the federal government to consider investing in tourism, water, sanitation, and telecommunications.

What society is asking for is transparency and even the resources that will be invested aren't public, there should be transparency in the call and assignation of projects.

The infrastructure plan should represent a new stage in the relationship between the government and business leaders, where they should also leave their differences behind. No country can't reach its investment goals if it doesn't offer confidence and certainty to those who will invest their resources on productive projects. From now on, both sectors should cooperate if they aim to promote development.

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