Mexico is among the 10 countries with the highest COVID-19 death tolls

The novel coronavirus has claimed over 849,031 lives worldwide

Mexico is among the 10 countries with the highest COVID-19 death tolls
A doctor, wearing full protective equipment, takes notes as he screens a patient with symptoms of coronavirus - Photo: Francisco Seco/AP
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Global infections from the novel coronavirus have surpassed ten million as the pandemic played out unevenly across the planet, with China eager to declare a victory, Europe tentatively emerging from its shell, and deaths still rising in hotspots in Latin America.

The grim milestone is still only a fraction of the true number of infections from a virus that has claimed more than  849,031 lives in its whirl around the globe, according to official sources.

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And while many hard-hit European countries have significantly curbed the rise of cases, Latin America has been in the grip of an infection surge.

In this vein, Mexico overtook China’s COVID-19 death toll on May 15 as the Latin American country struggles to cope with soaring numbers of infections.

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On May 21, Mexico joined the 10 countries with the highest COVID-19 death tolls, according to the John Hopkins coronavirus tally.

As of August 31, the United States has registered 183,499 fatalities, followed by Brazil with 120,828, and India with 64,469 COVID-19 related deaths.

Meanwhile, Mexico has 64,414 COVID-19 related deaths to date while the United Kingdom has 41,588 fatalities.

Italy has 35,483 fatalities, followed by France with 30,640 COVID-19 related deaths, Spain with 29,094 deaths, Peru with 28,788, and Iran with 21,571.

The ten countries with the highest COVID-19 death tolls
United States 183,499 COVID-19 related deaths
Brazil 120,828 COVID-19 related deaths
India 64,469 COVID-19 related deaths
Mexico 64,414 COVID-19 related deaths
The United Kingdom 41,588 COVID-19 related deaths
Italy  35,483 COVID-19 related deaths
France 30,640 COVID-19 related deaths
Spain 29,094 COVID-19 related deaths
Peru 28,788 COVID-19 related deaths
Iran 21,571 COVID-19 related deaths

In spite of the projections, Mexico’s lockdown will be partially lifted between May 17 and June 1 depending on how the pandemic has affected each municipality, although elders and other vulnerable groups from all over the country are urged to stay home.

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