On May 15 , Mexico registered a jump of 290 deaths from coronavirus on Thursday, pushing the death toll above that of China, where the disease originated, for the first time as the country struggles to cope with soaring numbers of infections.

With to date, Mexico's coronavirus outbreak has overflowed in Mexico City and the metropolitan area.

Mexico joined countries like , , , and that overtook China's death toll in previous months, according to the .

Mexican medical staff, which even before the pandemic registered one of the lowest numbers of for every 100,000 inhabitants among members of the OECD, are not only suffering from throughout the country but have also reported they urgently need to treat patients although the government has bought tons of from China and from the U.S.


On April 21, Mexico entered of its emergency plan against the novel coronavirus. At this stage, experts expect a surge in contagions and cases that require hospitalization. Therefore, Health authorities urged people to stay home and implement physical distancing measures .


In spite of the projections, the lockdown will be between May 17 and June 1 depending on how the pandemic has affected each municipality, although elders and other vulnerable groups from all over the country are urged to stay home.


As of May 15, Mexico's Health Ministry reported and

Aside from the devastating health impact, the lockdown has dealt a punishing blow to the Mexican economy , with different sectors grind to a halt.



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