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Mexican student to visit NASA for the third time
The young Mexican was invited to the facilities of the NASA in Alabama – Photo: Taken from Jonathan Sánchez Pérez Facebook account

Mexican student to visit NASA for the third time

Alexis Ortiz
Mexico City
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He has visited the facilities of the Aerospace Agency two previous times

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Jonathan Sánchez Pérez, a young student of Aeronautical Engineering, was invited for the third time to the facilities of NASA.

After participating in an open call where he presented a simulation project on Mars, the student from the State of Mexico was selected to go to Alabama in the United States in late October this year.

He will be there for a week and he will have to develop a new project, which will be assigned by employees of the Aerospace Agency.

Jonathan has lived this same experience twice, and even a composite material he made in 2018, as part of his stay in NASA, was sent to the International Space Station.

“It is the first time that a composite material of a Mexican is in the Space Station; it left three months ago in a rocket to Antares,” explained the young man.

In interview with EL UNIVERSAL, he said that this time at least another five Mexicans were invited by NASA, however, they still have not raised the USD $3,500 for their travel expenses.

“We have not been successful with the raising, some colleagues are raffling their possessions to try to collect the money. In my case, I’m looking for support from private companies and institutions from the government,” said Jonathan.

In spite of this, the young student keeps up his spirits and explains why it is important for Mexicans to participate in this kind of processes:

“These experiences open new horizons for us; we strengthen all the activities we have developed in the major. Also, we have the opportunity to contribute with our knowledge to other countries.”


Mexican student to participate in NASA program

The student from Zacatecas is part of the team of 55 youths who will participate in the International Space Station Program, fostered by NASA
Mexican student to participate in NASA programMexican student to participate in NASA program


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