Mexican firefighters help battle California wildfires

The California wildfires have already devastated over 150,000 hectares

Mexican firefighters help battle California wildfires
Butte county firefighters watch as flames tower over their truck during the Bear fire in Oroville, California - Photo: Josh Edelson/AFP
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A team of five Mexican firefighters traveled along with Guanajuato’s mayor Alejandro Navarro Saldaña to the U.S. city of Ashland to help combat the wildfires that have recently devastated over 150,000 hectares of forests in Oregon.

The commander of Guanajuato’s Heroic Volunteer Fire Department, Mario Barrón, asserted that the members that go to this mission of friendship and solidarity have received several training programs on wildfires, some of which have been taught in the U.S.

The mayor and the five firefighters reported to Ashland authorities on Thursday in order to receive directions and to be designated to the voluntary work they will perform in the following days.

The cities of Guanajuato and Ashland have worked together for over 51 years and have maintained a friendly relationship through education, art, and culture that is enhanced by uninterrupted collaboration, as said the mayor.

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“Ashland inhabitants would have surely done the same for us and that is why we are eager, because in Guanajuato’s capital there is fiber, talent, and skill,” as asserted by Navarro before departing.

On the other hand, on Wednesday early morning, the team of firefighters fought a fire caused by lightning at a house in the Burócratas neighborhood and caused the explosion of three gas cylinders.


The event only left material losses.


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