The Mexican army to control 17 hospitals amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Mexico has registered a surge in coronavirus cases in recent days

The Mexican army to control 17 hospitals amid the COVID-19 pandemic
President López Obrador has vowed to build more hospitals and strengthen the healthcare system - Photo: Xiao Yijiu/XINHUA
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President López Obrador announced his government is getting ready to face a critical stage in the COVID-19 pandemic if the situation worsens in the country.

Through a video shared on social media, the Mexican President said his administration is preparing hospitals, beds, and medical equipment in case they are needed.

Moreover, López Obrador ordered the Finance Ministry to allocate resources to the Defense Ministry, so that the army controls at least 10 hospitals in case the coronavirus outbreak worsens.

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In the video, the President said: “We are going to treat people at health centers, at the Insabi, the (institutes) operated by state governments (such as) the ISSSTE, IMSS, Pemex, and other (hospitals) that are going to be operated by the army and the navy.”

As of March 22, Mexico had registered 316 COVID-19 cases and reported 2 deaths.

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On March 27, the President announced that the Mexican army and navy will operate 17 hospitals in total, in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak

The army and the navy will operate and administrate 17 hospitals that were left unfinished by the previous administration and that were recently completed by López Obrador's administration. 


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