23 | JUL | 2019
Massive support, great commitment
AMLO has created hope and expectations among Mexicans – Photo: Saúl López/CUARTOSCURO.COM

Massive support, great commitment

Mexico City
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Andrés Manuel López Obrador has the huge responsibility of keeping his word, and not betraying people

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The preference towards the government who will take office on December 1, won't stop increasing; that's what the survey published by EL UNIVERSAL today portrays. In this exercise, 64.6% of the people agree with the actions announced during the transition process, a higher number than the one obtained during the July 1st election, which was 53%. The grade given to the President-elect is 7.4 and only 12% of the population is against the actions the incoming administration is planning to carry out.

During the campaign, the announcement and its reiteration that during this period things would be done differently, emphasizing social aspects, has generated big expectations among the population; 65% considers that everything that has been planned can be achieved.

These numbers represent a large popular support, but at the same time, they have a huge responsibility of keeping their word, and not fail.

The social mood is a positive one, it is a capital, it's duration will depend on how many of the proposals are achieved and on on the government's decisions adopted.

Failing to fulfill them or to listen to the ones involved could decrease the support.

Among the incoming administration's most renowned projects, there is one that plans to move some of the secretariats to other states.

Praised by some and criticized by others, the plans should consider the ones who would be affected, in this case, the thousands of government employees. In an interview with EL UNIVERSAL, workers from the Culture Secretariat explain the pros and cons of their eventual move outside the capital, although the majority admits that it would cause family, economic, and asset problems. What seems to be a wise decision with the aim to distribute the government offices in a better way, could cause negative consequences on a personal level.

Another project being questioned is Andrés Manuel López Obrador's refusal to have the protection of the Presidential Guard and even suggest its extinction. In recent days, he detailed that a group of around 20 people will protect him, although they won't carry guns, which is a change from his initial position. Every head of state should have, at least, minimum protection.

The future chief of state enjoys the support of the citizens to do things differently; it's almost a demand, in the face of the historic number of votes received. This different way of doing things, recognizing mistakes, when there's any, and correct them in time. Their popular base with which his administration will begin is numerous; its continuity will depend on the fulfillment of their promises.


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