25 | AGO | 2019
Marcelo Ebrard's new mission
Minister Ebrard negotiated the potential implementation of U.S. tariffs - Photo: Andres Stapff/REUTERS

Marcelo Ebrard's new mission

Mexico City
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Marcelo Ebrard's new mission

We've been told that in the incoming days, the Senate and minister Marcelo Ebrard will agree on a date for their meeting, along with Economy Minister Graciela Márquez, Agriculture Minister Víctor Villalobos, and Interior Minister Olga Sánchez Cordero to discuss the negotiations that took place in Washington, the agreements reached with the U.S., and migration. We've been told that Ebrard faced hard days in the U.S. and that his meeting in the Senate will also be difficult now that unknown details about the agreements are being released. We've been told that the opposition can't wait to listen to Ebrard, and even some Morena members want to know the details. So Ebrard, the leader of the mission to prevent Trump's tariffs now has to explain the agreement to Mexican senators.

The National Guard faces a tough task

And after celebrating the agreement to prevent the implementation of tariffs, we've been told that now Mexico has to get to work and deploy 6,000 members of the National Guard to the Mexico-U.S. border. As you know, the National Guard is being formed, so this will be an issue that will have to be solved by the Security and Citizen Protection Minister Alfonso Durazo and General Luis Rodríguez Bucio, the head of the National Guard, who will have to do anything in their power to fulfill the agreement reached in Washington and avoid a new commercial war with the U.S.

AMLO's style

President López Obrador has shown his particular style on many occasions, even when he travels in commercial flights. His critics argue that traveling in commercial planes is not practical because of delays, it doesn't have a satellite phone or a printer. Nevertheless, in his flight from Tijuana to Los Mochis, his team was seen carrying a portable printer and maybe one of them has a satellite phone, in case the commander in chief has to make a phone call.

Will Juan Zepeda join Morena?

Senator Juan Zepeda, PRD, was seen at an event in Morelia, Michoacán, also attended by Mario Delgado, Morena. So will Zepeda follow some of his former party members and leave the PRD to join Morena? We've been told we will know the answer very soon.


Trump suspends tariffs on Mexico 'indefinitely' after deal on immigration reached

President Trump claimed the U.S. had reached a signed agreement with Mexico to stop the tariffs
Trump suspends tariffs on Mexico 'indefinitely' after deal on immigration reachedTrump suspends tariffs on Mexico 'indefinitely' after deal on immigration reached


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