21 | NOV | 2019
Jordan attack: Mexican tourists stabbed in Jerash

Jordan attack: Mexican tourists stabbed in Jerash

Mexico City
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This Wednesday, three Mexican tourists were among the eight injured in a stabbing attack at the ruins of Jerash, one of the most visited destinations in Jordan

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This Wednesday, three Mexican and one Swiss tourists were injured in a stabbing attack in the Roman ruins of Jerash, one of the most visited destinations in Jordan, as informed by sources of security services. One of the Mexicans is seriously injured.

“A tour guide and an officer of security services” were also wounded when they tried to disarm the author of the attack, said Ameri Saraoui, security services spokesman to AFP.

“The aggressor was arrested and the injured were taken to the hospital,” he added.

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“One of the [Mexican] victims is in serious conditions, another one is in surgery,” explained Marcelo Ebrard in a tweet.

“Four of them have moderate to serious injuries; the other four have minor injuries,” added the Jordan minister at his arrival at the Jerash hospital along with Mexican ambassador Roberto Rodríguez.

The aggressor’s identity and motives are also unknown.

In social networks, some users shared a video that shows the stabbed tourists in the Jerash ruins in Jordan.

The video shows people on the floor, covered on blood, while other tourists and Jordanians try to help them.

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Zuheir Zreiqat, a tour guide that witnessed the attack explain to AFP that it took place “after noon, when a hundred foreign tourists were visiting the archeological site in Jordan.”

“A man in his twenties, with a beard, wearing black clothes and with a knife in hand got near and started stabbing tourists,” she said, explaining that the tourists started to yell asking for help.

“Four guides and other three foreign tourists helped to stop the aggressor. We chased him until we caught him and threw him on the ground to control him,” she said.

“We took the knife away from him and he did not say a word until the police arrived,” added the guide.

This is not the first time this touristic destination is the place of an attack in Jordan. In December 2016, 10 persons (2 Jordanian civils, a Canadian tourist and seven police officers) died in Karak, another popular destination for foreigners, located 120km south of Amman.

The attack, that also left 30 injured, was claimed by Islamic State Jihadist Group. 10 persons were sentenced for this attack, two of them received the death penalty.

After the attack, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard informed that the Mexican ambassador in Jordania “is already with the victims giving them the needed support,” but that one of them is in serious conditions.

Ebrard also asserted that “Jordan’s government has been supportive all the time.”

Ebrard has been in contact with his Jordanian counterpart to follow the case of the Mexican victims.

King Abdullah II of Jordan informed that he is keeping an eye on the case, as well as the Health Services of that country. Marcelo Ebrard asserted that the Mexican ambassador in Jordan, Roberto Rodríguez, is receiving all the support to have the necessary information.

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