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How much will Mexicans spend on Valentine's Day?
Mexicans will mostly spend their money on gifts - Photo: Carolyn Kaster/AP

How much will Mexicans spend on Valentine's Day?

Mexico City
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38% of lovers plan to gift their partner an electronic gadget

67% of Mexicans will celebrate Valentine's Day through different activities, such as buying gifts, going on romantic dinner dates, going to the movies, among other activities, according to Ofertia.

In a statement, the online platform claims that 91% of those who will celebrate this date will buy a gift; mainly clothing and accessories, 27%; chocolates, 19%, and perfumes, 16%.

On the other hand, the other 38% plans to give away an electronic gadget, 10%; flowers, 10%; experiences, 7%; jewelry, 6%, and others, 5%.

For their gifts, 54% of Mexicans will spend up to MXN $600, while 15% will spend up to MXN $900, 14% plans to spend MXN $1,200 and 17% is expected to spend around MXN $1,500 pesos.

The majority of those who will celebrate Valentine's Day, 79%, will organize a special event: 43% will go out to dinner, while 36% will organize something at home.

61% of those surveyed said they will spend around MXN $600, 30% think they will spend around $1,200 and only 8.0% expects to spend up to $1,500 on Valentine's Day dinner.


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