20 | OCT | 2019
Photo: File photo: Lucía Godínez/ EL UNIVERSAL

A great version of Mexico that emerges after tragedy

Octavio Rivera López
Mexico City
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The 7.1 magnitude earthquake that hit Mexico City collapsed over 40 buildings

Once again, after the tragedy, the best version of Mexico emerges.

Streets, schools, and parks become solidarity scenarios.

The 7.1-magnitude earthquake that hit Mexico City on Tuesday, September 19, collapsed over 40 buildings, and just a few blocks away from the debris, hundreds of people form human chains to move cans, bottles of water, blankets, gloves, and medicines in industrial quantities.

Misfortune establishes a truce in Mexico's class struggle. From old cars about to be dismantled, hundreds of bottles of water and bean cans come out, while from freshly polished huge vans, dozens of new shovels and hundreds of helmets come out for the rescuers.

Food goes and food comes, help comes from everywhere. Tragedies are painful, but also an opportunity. People seem to know it.

Help flows, people move, yet everyone seems sad. Mexico city is surrounded by sadness.

You can feel it, you can see it, you can even smell it and Mexico will overcome the tragedy.


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