Graffiti tour around CDMX

Graffiti has been shunned by art snobs in the past, but now you can appreciate the city's finest graffitis in a tour around Mexico City

A graffiti tour around Mexico City
Graffiti outside a store - Photo: Courtesy of Mexico City's government
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For decades, the artistic value of urban art has been questioned. It's been considered as a mere act of vandalism, used to deteriorate the cultural heritage. Nowadays, the urban art and the graffiti are an important part of some cultural agendas, and it's considered as one of the biggest artistic movements in the planet, with a presence in almost every city in the world.

Therefore, the History Department of the Universidad Iberoamericana, in Mexico City, will resume their guided tours in the Alive History Program. It consists of a walk to see the urban art that embellishes the streets and stores in the Historical Center, called “History of walls, letters, and doodles: the urban art in Mexico City's center”.

The purpose is to discover the history of graffiti, which could have originated in Pompey, where very similar vestiges have been found.

Those who are interested in joining this historical revision, that has the support of the Fomento Cultural Banamex, can visit some of the most significant displays of urban art in the Mexican capital, and will also appreciate some walls and windows with letters, tags, stickers, and prints by the crews that coexist with the landscape in our city.

The tour will take place on August 25, and costs MXN $200 per person. It will be guided by professor Melisa Esquivel Peña, from the Formation and Social Action Management of the IBERO. To purchase your tickets call 59-50-40-44.


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