Governor detected child trafficking cases in Puebla

Journalist Lydia Cacho published a book that unveiled a sex trafficking ring in Puebla

Governor says his administration detected child trafficking cases in Puebla
Miguel Barbosa, Morena, recently took office as governor - Photo: Félix Márquez/CUARTOSCURO.COM
English 26/08/2019 15:49 Newsroom Mexico City Actualizada 15:51
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The new Puebla governor, Luis Miguel Barbosa Huerta, announced that the new administration discovered several cases of children trafficking.

During an event to present the System of Comprehensive Protection of Children and Teenagers, the governor announced he will file a lawsuit.

“There are documented cases of child trafficking, it's terrible. Once we have more elements, [the case] is going to be the subject of complaints.”

Barbosa explained that the cases are being investigated although he didn't say when did the crimes happen.

The governor also said that the local DIF worked as a political operation center and didn't focus on helping children and families.


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