Saying goodbye to the presidential plane

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Saying goodbye to the presidential plane
The presidential plane has caused a lot on controversy – Photo: Diego Simón Sánchez / CUARTOSCURO.COM
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Saying goodbye to the presidential plane

The modern presidential plane, a Boeing 787 “Dreamliner”, will live in its last flight hours as the Mexican president's transport. We're told that the Presidency is getting ready for one of the last international tours carried out by Enrique Peña Nieto, on board of the presidential plane “José María Morelos y Pavón”, before concluding his term next November. According to the preparations, the President will travel to New York at the end of the month, to take part in the 73rd United Nations' General Assembly. Therefore, Peña Nieto will travel to the US on September 23 and return on September 26. We're told that upon his return, he will begin to organize his move out of Los Pinos, which, as well as the airplane, will stop being used by the President.

Promotions inside the military and the Tlatlaya case

High-ranking officials from the National Defense Secretary have a list of military personnel they would like to promote, that will be presented in the incoming weeks, before the Senate, for the confirmation process. We're told that some military chiefs raise their eyebrows when they saw the name José Luis Sánchez León, a Brigadier General, who was the commander of the 22 Military Area, where the 102 infantry battalion belongs to, who is implicated in the alleged extrajudicial execution of 22 alleged criminals in a warehouse located in the San Pedro Limón community, in Tlatlaya. If the promotion is approved by the Senators, the military command will be promoted to Major General, the highest degree in the army. Just last August, Sánchez León took office as the new commander of the 6th military region in La Boticaria, Veracruz, the operational base in charge of Veracruz, Puebla, and Tlaxcala.

Chuchos: We're the leading force at the PRD

In the digital version of this section, Bajo Reserva Exprés, we told how some PRD members said that the Chuchos, the NI current, was weakening. The NI considers this as an incorrect reading and that, although they wanted things to break down in the party, “the main current in the PRD, they claim, was able to name, with a huge majority, Luis Espinoza Cházaro as their new coordinator. They add that they are convinced that the democratic left has a future and lots left to do, which implies a lot of work for the incoming coordinator. So the NI claims that it is not only far away from extinction, but ready to bring the PRD back to life.

Lucky signing at Tufts University

We're told that a prestigious academic institution got a lucky signing. The oldest school in the US, with a prestigious International Affairs postgraduate degrees, known as the Fletcher School from the Tufts University, has the Mexican consul in Boston, Emilio Rabasa Gamboa, among its academics, who teaches about “Mexico and its huge political, economic, law, justice, and politics transformations in the last 25 years”. The University, we're told, is located in Medford, Massachusetts and the Law and Diplomacy Fletcher Faculty is attended by students from 70 countries. Congratulations Mr. Emilio!


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