Fraud: Ambulances and tank trucks

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Fraud: Ambulances and tank trucks
The previous administration bought tank trucks that were never delivered - Photo: Fernando Ramírez/EL UNIVERSAL
English 21/01/2019 11:36 Mexico City Off the Record Actualizada 11:36
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Fraud: Ambulances and tank trucks

We've been told that now that the President is interested in investigating alleged fraud in Pemex from 2013, that involves the purchase of railroad tank cars that were never delivered to the government. Also, there are signs that indicate, which can be easily corroborated with personnel and beneficiaries of the IMSS, irregularities in the purchase of ambulances and other vehicles. We've been told that the ambulances were only “improved”, that is, they painted the existing ones and then presented them as new. So there's corruption almost everywhere.

Margarita Zavala's second chance

Margarita Zavala aspires to become the opposition against President López Obrador's government, and she's taking a second chance because her platform, the Democratic Responsibility and Freedom Association, will attend the INE to express its intention to become a national party. Among the members are citizens not associated with any party, but also former PAN members who left the party after Ricardo Anaya became the party's leader. So her revenge is coming...if she can register her party in 2020.

Will the INE fight for its autonomy?

The INE will adjust its budget to the MXN $950 million cut authorized by the lower Chamber. In the best-case scenario, the INE was asking for MXN $619 million to organize the elections in 5 states but everything indicates that the worries expressed by the INE counselors didn't move the Interior Ministry and the Finance Ministry and they didn't give in. Therefore, today at the Budget Commission, there's nothing else to do besides adjusting the institute's budget and presenting it before the General Council on Wednesday. Nevertheless, there's another important decision that has to be taken into account and that is beyond the budget issue: it consists on going to the Supreme Court and file a constitutional controversy to defend its autonomy. January 28 is the last day to do it but there could be more news today.

Padrés changes his strategy

We've been told that the former Sonora Governor's defense, Guillermo Padrés Elías, is looking to be considered as a political prisoner as his team considers his due process has been violated. He surrendered himself voluntarily two years ago and he hasn't received a verdict and continues in pretrial detention. They claim that the judge is immersed in a conflict of interests as some argue that he is close to the PRI, some of his family members are part of the PRI. Also, the auditors didn't inspect his assets to prove the accusations of tax fraud, when it was their obligation to do so. Will this strategy work for Padrés?


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