Former Peña Nieto aide joins the Partido Verde

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Former Peña Nieto aide joins the Partido Verde
Jorge Corona, former President Peña Nieto's private secretary - Photo: Alma Rodríguez Ayala/EL UNIVERSAL
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Former Peña Nieto aide joins the Partido Verde

Jorge Emilio González Martínez, better known as “El Niño Verde” (The Green Boy), who has led the PVE party for years, was granted a license to leave his position indefinitely, after only 7 months in the position and after being absent most of the time. Lawmakers in the lower chambers said he won't be missed, because he was always absent anyway, for example, he missed 18 sessions and he didn't participate in the approval of the constitutional reforms for the creation of the National Guard. Moreover, his spot in the lower chamber will be taken by Jorge Corona, who was former President Peña Nieto's private secretary. That was an interesting move.

PAN Governor supports Morena in Aguascalientes

In Aguascalientes, elections are just around the corner and we've been told that internal divisions at the PAN have positioned the Morena candidates in second place. We've been told besides the internal divisions among PAN members, the Governor Martín Orozco is upset because his candidates weren't chosen, and he has decided to betray the party and support Morena. Will the PAN leadership do something or will it ignore the situation?

Calderón has to apologize

Apologies are in this 2019 and are favored by the federal government, therefore, Morena lawmaker Lorena Villavicencio wants former President Felipe Calderón to apologize to the country for launching a war against drug cartels and organized crime “which still takes lives today.” Villavicencio explained that “12 years ago, in an irresponsible way, government sunk our country in an unnecessary conflict, which has brought pain and suffering to thousands of people.” We've been told that other lawmakers are wondering if she is serious or if this is a joke.

Non-governmental organizations have a new plan

Non-governmental organizations have agreed to collaborate and forget about the limelight, after meeting with Michelle Bachelet, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. The organizations also organized a discussion to define their agenda. We've been told that during the meeting, they also established their first goal: show President López Obrador that these organizations aren't economic intermediaries and that they work to benefit society. Nevertheless, we've been told that the first step should be to distance themselves from other organizations that used public resources to live comfortably and interfere in politics.


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