Ebrad, working for AMLO

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Marcelo Ebrad, former Mayor of Mexico City File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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Ebrad, working for AMLO
Marcelo Ebrad is working for the National Regeneration Party (MORENA), the party of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), through a front coordinated by one of his most trusted men within the government of Mexico City, Elías Miguel Moreno. We're told that “With AMLO United We Can” is being formed by former Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) members and citizens without political parties, in order to give Mr. Andrés Manuel a boost and launch him all the way to Los Pinos in 2018. In this trajectory, Mr. Marcelo is an honorary member of the front and is coordinating tasks and the operation to favor AMLO – of course, all the way from his exile in the United States and Europe.

Playing dead at San Lázaro

The President of the Executive Board of the Chamber of Deputies, Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) member Jorge Carlos Ramírez, rang the bell yesterday and closed Tuesday's session at 16 hours with 11 minutes. And so began the six-day holidays of the federal legislators. We're told the deputies met on Monday and Tuesday to cover the two weekly meetings they are bound by law to call. Yet they will have a long break before they return with all to their work next Tuesday. Of course, the pending issues are still there: The Internal Security Law, The Mixed-Command, the cut on public financing of political parties, among others.

David López, recovering

By the way, it seems David López, Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) deputy is recovering quite well from the liver transplant he had last weekend. We're told Mr. David, former presidential spokesman, began to get ready for his surgery almost over a year ago and is now excited to return, as soon as possible, to San Lázaro, where he has received the support of the PRI coordinator César Camacho. The deputy, according to our sources, is more than ready to return to the political arena. Good luck!

Senators pass on the former Prosecutor's case

Those who looked bad again were the members of the Senate. Our sources say the legislators couldn't – or wouldn't – fix the mess caused by the acting head of the Mexican Office of the Attorney General (PGR) Alberto Elías Beltrán, with the sudden ousting of the Prosecutor in charge of the Specialized Attorney's Office against Electoral Crimes (FEPADE) Santiago Nieto. The two blocs, we're told, formed by the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and the Green Party (PVEM), on the one hand, and the Opposition, on the other, never gave in to found a legal resolution to the crisis of the FEPADE being left without a leader, and preferred to allow the legislative clock to keep ticking to run out of the legal time. Thus, now they're going to go on holiday because of the Day of the Dead, they have left the review process of Santiago Nieto to wither and die – who admitted defeat last Friday. We have been told the senators had already packed their bags and preferred to let Friday come so the legal term to appeal the Prosecutor's dismissal could expire. According to our sources, the worrying matter here is that with this atmosphere prior to the elections, it's unlikely the Senate will approve other important reforms and most likely will let them all breathe their last.


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