The Dos Bocas refinery is a priority amid the COVID-19 pandemic

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The Dos Bocas refinery is a priority amid the COVID-19 pandemic
Some companies that have contracts with the federal government will continue to work amid the pandemic - Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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The Dos Bocas refinery is a priority amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Yesterday, the Mexican government released the technical guidelines approved by Health Minister Jorge Alcocer, which will be implemented so that some sectors continue to operate amid the health emergency. In the case of companies that produce iron, cement, and glass, they were ordered to “maintain a minimum activity that prevents irreversible effects on its operation ”but the executive branch said that “those companies that produce iron, cement, and glass and that have contracts with the federal government, will continue their activities so that they can fulfill their short-term commitments, exclusively for the Dos Bocas refinery, the Maya Train, the Felipe Ángeles airport, and the Trans-isthmian railroad (…). It’s clear the government has priorities. 

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High-ranking officials don’t agree with pay cuts

Few government officials will publicly admit, and some have admitted it in private, that they disagree with the pay cuts announced by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. We’ve been told that this would be the second time the President has lowered the salaries of high-ranking officials but additionally, he will also ban them from receiving a Christmas bonus. They say this is not about malice because everyone must show solidarity amid a health crisis and help the poor, but they say that while their salaries decrease, now they have more and more work to do and that in contrast with unionized workers and operational staff, they have more responsibility and work. If this tendency continues, they will also join those who have less. 

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The PAN feels helpless

We’ve been told that opposition senators are really worried because while staying at home and the fact that the Senate has no official activities, some PAN senators feel really helpless because their suggestions to face the economic crisis are being ignored.  We’ve been told they have plans and proposals and hope the President would consider them. They have even sent letters to health officials, to find the way to guarantee supplies but have received no answer. However, we’ve been told PAN members shouldn't feel ignored since Morena senators are also being ignored amid the health crisis.

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The lower chamber wants to donate its resources

The lower chamber is calculating the amount of money it can donate to aid in the efforts to halt the COVID-19 pandemic. So far, some lawmakers have individually donated money and haven’t lost the opportunity to show off. However, it is expected that the donation from the lower chamber, as proposed by Laura Rojas, is used to purchase equipment for healthcare workers. Moreover, there is evidence that while health workers are staring to contact COVID-19 and die, authorities say more equipment is on its way and that it will be distributed soon. Although Laura Rojas’ idea is not bad, this issue is not about money, there is a lack of equipment because other countries bought it weeks ago

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