Discover Xochimilco with an app

Xochimilco is the third most visited destination in Mexico City

Discover Xochimilco with an app
Xochimilco is located in Mexico City – Photo: Camila Mata/EL GRÁFICO
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Xochimilco is the third most visited destination in Mexico City and now there is a touristic app, by the same name, specially designed for it.

The tool, available for Android and in the near future for IOS, not only shows touristic places such as museums, recreational areas, and docks, but also events and cultural manifestations from Xochimilco, like saint festivities and stewardships, the festivity for “Niñopan” and celebrations like the Festival of Amaranth and Olive.

Through the app, tourists will be able to know the prices of services and tours as well as other attractions.

Xochimilco’s mayor, José Carlos Acosta, asserts that, there will be no more tolerance for apocryphal tourist guides, and that the owners of “trajineras” that work with them will be punished, which adds to the clearance of street commerce, the relocation of public transport routes, as well as the new security module for the riverine police that will be permanently in the Nuevo Nativitas dock.

The director of Tourism and Economic Development of the municipality, José Luis Zaldívar, said that the app will be linked to the Tourism Ministry and business chambers of products and services to expand the offer and even create new products.

The tool has the option to change languages, offers a list of places to visit: attractions, routes, and historical and natural heritage. It is possible to choose places, add them to favorites, have their precise locations, and share it through social networks.

It offers historical and geographical information of certain places, popular festivities (Xochimilco has over 400 each year), as well as information of endemic species like the axolotl, and reviews of “pulquerías,” restaurants, and other kinds of venues to eat.


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