Mexican butcher donates meat for the pandemic

Every week, Mario Bojórquez helps 100 families who live in Kanasín, Yucatán

COVID-19: Mexican butcher donates meat to support his community in Yucatán
The "Tu amigo Yodi" butcher shop has been open for 25 years - Photo: Stan Honda/AFP
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Due to the COVID-19 health emergency and despite having low sales, Mario Bojórquez, a 47-year-old butcher, gives free meat to help people in the community of Kanasín, Yucatán.

“The idea of handing out meat came from the needs of the nearby town due to the pandemic and because there are very poor people who need a lot of help,” he said in a phone interview with EL UNIVERSAL.

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Known as “Yodi,” Mario Bojórquez leaves his home every day to scour the streets of Kanasín with the help of his wife and some friends. “I visit several neighborhoods every day and my wife and some friends help me wrap the gifts we will deliver,” he explained.


“I hand out 100kg of pork every day and distribute them among several families. 100 families receive this benefit every week,” he said.

The butcher added that the families in the community are really grateful for the gesture and sometimes they are moved to tears.

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“People are very grateful for the help because it is difficult for families to subsist right now and they are moved to tears. I feel satisfied by the work I do,” he said.


He mentioned that due to the health emergency, the sales at his butcher shop are low. “Sales are low due to the crisis because people around here are really afraid of getting infected.”

The butcher shop called “Tu amigo Yodi” (Your friend Yodi) has been open for 25 years and is located in the Kanasín municipality.

“I aim to continue handing out free meat at least for as long as the pandemic lasts,” he said.

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