Two hundred have joined the (Photos for Mexico) initiative by donating photos that can be purchased for MXN 2,500 each. The will be donated to the National Medical Sciences and Nutritional Institute , one of the hospitals treating people infected with in Mexico City .

The project was launched to raise funds to support the healthcare institution amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the photographs will be available until May 25.


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Thanks to the initiative, any person in Mexico and the world can purchase photographs taken by , Graciela Iturbide, Patricia Aridjis, Iñaki Bonillas, Ana Casas Broda, Armando Cristeto, José Luis Cuevas, Santiago Sierra, Mauricio Alejo, Ernesto Ramírez, Lourdes Almeida, Federico Gama, Melanie Smith, Pablo Ortiz Monasterio, Lourdes Grobet, Cristina Kahlo , Elsa Medina, Pedro Meyer, Yoshua Okón, Luis Felipe Ortega, and Pedro Reyes, among others.


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According to Mauricio Maillé , one of the organizers, similar projects were launched in in New York and Italy .


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Fotos for México was launched by Adel Buzali, Juan Carlos Campos, Mauricio Maillé, Fernanda Monterde, Ruth Ovseyevitz , and Nadia Baram .


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Fotos por México announced the project raised MXN 6,772,500 . The resources were donated to one of the hospitals treating patients infected with COVID-19 . The project was backed by 213 photographers .


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When the project first launched, 180 joined the initiative, but many others later joined the fundraiser .


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