Conalep students win third place in Korea

The students participated in the Seventh e-ICON World Competition with their Safety City application

Photo: Courtesy of Microsoft
English 28/08/2017 18:15 Newsroom Mexico City Actualizada 18:15
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On Wednesday, Guadalupe Sarahí González Posada, José Gudelio Escamilla Mata and Brandon Iván Sánchez Paredes, Conalep students of the campus located in San Bernabé, Nuevo León, won the third place in the Seventh e-ICON World Competition with their Safety City application.

Safety City is a technological solution that allows the user to request help in risk situations. Safe City emerged as a solution to the constant insecurity in the communities of the students.

The app includes a GPS locator, a hotline to call the police or firefighters and a panic button.

During this edition of e-ICON, 114 students from 14 countries participated. Mexico's team was the only representative from Latin America.

According to a statement, originality, creativity, relevance, contribution, added value in an international environment were some of the key elements in the competition.

During the closing ceremony held at Nurimaru APEC in Busan, Korea, dignitaries from the National Ministry of Education and the Ulsan Institute of Science and Technology congratulated and encouraged the young participants to continue using technology tools to improve the quality of life of their communities.


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