20 | JUL | 2019
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Companies are interested in the 280 hectares that Ford left in San Luis Potosí

Sara Cantera
Mexico City
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Asian companies have expressed their interest, particularly Japanese, Korean, Singaporean, and Chinese

Several companies in sectors comprehending energy, recycling, and metal-mechanic are interested in occupying the 280 hectares that Ford left in San Luis Potosí, according to Gustavo Puente, Secretary of Economic Development of the state.

Puente commented that the plot is worth around MXN$1,600 million. The plot includes a spur of railroad, gas, treated water, electric power, access to highways.

"Being such an important asset we want to choose a company from any industry, yet it has to meet certain characteristics such as bringing new suppliers to all region, not only to San Luis Potosí," highlighted Puente.

"Several Asian companies have expressed their interest. Japanese, Korean, Singaporean, Chinese. Companies comprehending sectors such as energy, recycling, and metal-mechanic," explained Puente, during the inauguration of the BMW training center.

San Luis Potosí estimates that in March or April 2018, there will be a company in the lot.

Ford paid USD$ 65 million as a compensation for the cancellation of a new plant in the state.

In the last 2 years, San Luis Potosí attracted investments for USD$ 4,025 million from companies in the manufacturing sector, tourism, commerce and agriculture representing the expansion or the opening of 65 companies in the state such as Magna, Dräxlmaier, and Mabe.



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