21 | NOV | 2019
Children and Young Adults International Book Fair in Mexico City
It will take place from november 8 to 18 – Photo: File photo/EL UNIVERSAL

Children and Young Adults International Book Fair in Mexico City

Fernanda Ramírez R.
Mexico City
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Filij returns to Cenart for its 2019 edition

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The 39th edition of the Children’s and Young Adults International Book Fair (Filij) will take place from November 8 to 18, with Korea as the guest country and Mérida as a venue. Over 600 activities will take place, from panels, theater, and dance, to concerts, aloud readings, book presentations, among others.



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Filij will have the presence of Argentinian Daniel Divinski, Mafalda’s editor, Belgium writer Bart Moeyaert, Korean writer Su Jung Kim, Lithuanian illustrator Kęstutis Kasparavičius, and Mayan illustrator Isela Xospa, among others.

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In a news conference, Marilina Barona, general director of Publications of the Culture Ministry, said that approximately MXN $21 million will be destined for Filij.



Una publicación compartida de FILIJ (@filijcdmx) el

After years of taking place in Cenart, Filij was moved to the Bicentennial Park in 2016. Now, after three years, it will return to Cenart. Barona said that the space at the park was privatized by the previous federal government, which elevated the rent costs, making it practically unfeasible.

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For the first time, this edition will have a parallel venue in another state, a project that will bring over 600 Filij activities to Mérida.

Additionally, organizers are negotiating the possibility for children from public schools who will visit the fair to take home a book with them. Mexico’s Public Education Ministry will donate different books and they will analyze the option, for they recently discovered a storage unit with literary titles addressed to children and young people.

Barona said that the activities are focused on reading encouragement and that they are a space to present and sell books, but most of all to be a bridge to readers and to take books to all the corners of the country. This year, Filij will have 44,358 books from 911 publishing houses.

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