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Chaos in Ciudad Juárez after cartel gunmen attack
The attacks were meant as distractions – Photo: Horacio Zamora/EL UNIVERSAL

Chaos in Ciudad Juárez after cartel gunmen attack

Fernando Miranda
Mexico City
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The attacks left 10 dead, six injured, and 15 burnt-out vehicles

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10 dead and six injured persons, as well as 15 burnt-out vehicles, were the results of a series of attacks in Ciudad Juárez, attributed to criminal group Los Mexicles, and derived from an operation in a prison of that border city.

The operation in the prison, which had the participation of 850 officials from the three government levels, including the National Guard, began on early Wednesday, reason why the criminal group attacked several parts of the city as a distraction, asserted authorities in a news conference.

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“Within the investigation of Intelligence that is being conducted, it can be established that most of them are linked to elements of distraction so that the three government levels withdrew from the operation that took place during the first hours of the morning inside the prison,” said Jorge Nava, prosecutor of the North area of Chihuahua.

As part of the attack, 15 vehicles, between buses and particulars, were set on fire, in what authorities called “Machiavellian planning.”

In Tecnológico and Granjeros streets, a bus that was set ablaze left several persons injured with first and second-degree burns.

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The Council of Ciudad Juárez also reported that Los Mexicles were identified as the authors of the attacks and that an investigation file had been opened due to “damages and attacks against public peace,” that is punished with sentences of up to 30 years in prison.

Until now, four persons have been arrested, who asserted they were paid with the synthetic drug known as crystal for performing these violent acts, which, according to Commissioner of State Security Oscar Aparicio, suggests Los Mexicles were involved.

The operation continues permanently in the prison.

Through his Twitter account, governor Javier Corral pointed out that although “there were reactions from groups intended to distract the operation by burning out several buses, the operation continued according to the plans.”

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