17 | JUL | 2019
Taken from the Twitter account of the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs - @SRE_mx

Assessment of Peruvian engineers vital for damaged hospitals

Mexic City
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The Peruvian engineers assessed the infrastructure of damaged hospitals following the 19-S earthquake

A group of six Peruvian engineers specializing in collapsed buildings from the Peruvian National Institute of Civil Defense arrived from Lima last September 23 to assess the structural viability of several buildings, mainly hospitals.

The Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs in America Latina, Luis Alfonso de Alba, thanked the support, assistance, and joint effort of the Peruvian team upon their departure from our country on October 1st.

“I was surprised by the extraordinary job you did at the hospitals; and we're not only immensely grateful to you, but we are also moved to return [the assistance] whenever you need us; known that you can count on Mexico, and while we hope a tragedy never occurs, we can't ignore both our countries are highly vulnerable,” said the Undersecretary.

Mr. De Alba also highlighted the role the Peruvian structural engineers played after the earthquake was vital, especially for the families who benefited from their experience.

The Peruvian engineers performed a structural review of the hospitals 20 de Noviembre, Hospital López Mateos, and several apartment complexes.

“On behalf of the Mexican people, we thank you, Peru, for your solidarity with our country!” reads the message on the Twitter account of the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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