Arellano Félix cartel operator “El Chapito Leal” arrested in Tijuana

“El Chapito Leal” is known for also having worked for the Sinaloa cartel

Arellano Félix cartel operator “El Chapito Leal” arrested in Tijuana
A Mexican army soldier mans his high caliber weapon while on patrol, shortly after a shootout between gunmen and police, in Tijuana - Photo: File photo/AP
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Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office (FGR) confirmed the arrest of Octavio “L.” a.k.a. as “El Chapito Leal,” an alleged operator of the Arellano Félix cartel, in the municipality of Tijuana, Baja California, along with seven of his accomplices.

According to the FGR, the suspects were arrested by the Municipal Police after committing a robbery in a used-cars lot, located in the El Chamizal neighborhood, in Ciudad del Río, which derived in persecution and dispute with municipal elements.

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Authorities seized different amounts of marijuana and five firearms, two of them long, from the alleged criminals.

Amidst a strong security operation, “El Chapito Leal,” who has been arrested on several occasions, was taken to the FGR’s facilities in Tijuana.

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After the arrest, elements of the corporations and the Army created a security perimeter to shield the area.

Likewise the central prosecutor of the State’s Attorney General, Hiram Sánchez Zamora made a call to remain calm and not to be misled by vague information that could generate unease in the population since, due to recent police actions, there is an ordinary security preventive protocol in the FGR area.

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In a statement, they explained that street closures are normal when an important seize is performed and that it is under security protocols, both for the population and authorities.

According to authorities, “El Chapito Leal” has worked for the Sinaloa cartel as well as for the Arellano Félix cartel, enemy criminal organizations.

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