Nuevo Laredo

lived moments of fear due to several shootings in different areas of the city. The preliminary balance is of four alleged members of the killed in two confrontations by the State Police.

It was informed that in the second dispute, at least two state police officers were wounded by firearms without their lives being at risk.

Some users in social media reported these attacks and shared images of people using shopping malls as shelters due to the chaos generated by the intensity of the shootings .

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The first confrontation began in the Francisco Villa borough in which armed hitmen in a white Chevrolet pickup truck and a brown SUV ambushed the state police officers.

The attack ignited a persecution that extended through several areas of the city, which generated chaos among the inhabitants, who had to look for shelter in malls and even houses.

The State Police shot the vehicles, so the armed men had to escape and entered into some nearby houses where they were killed , but two of them were able to escape .

Those killed had large and wore military-style clothes as well as tactical gear .

The second incident registered in Nuevo Laredo was the one that generated the most chaos among the population for, while in some areas people were allowed to use shopping malls as shelters, in others, the doors were closed despite families being at risk .

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In addition, it was reported that tire-puncturing spikes were installed in different streets, so there were abandoned cars by people who preferred to look for shelter during the dangerous situation.

It was informed that in the second incident, an armed man who was driving a red Ram truck was shot dead by officers of the State Police in Mexico Avenue .

For its part, the United States consulate in Mexico’s border city of Nuevo Laredo issued a security alert on Wednesday, warning against gun battles and urging government employees to take precautions.



have killed at least three people this week in the northern city bordering the Texas city of Laredo , media have said. It is one of the Mexican cities where the U.S. government has sent to wait as their cases are decided.

“The consulate has received reports of multiple gunfights throughout the city of Nuevo Laredo,” it said in a Twitter post. “U.S. government personnel are advised to shelter in place.”

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On Twitter , users purportedly from Laredo reported hearing gunfire ringing out from the neighboring Mexican city.

In a Twitter post late on Wednesday, Francisco Cabeza de Vaca , the governor of Tamaulipas , the state home to Nuevo Laredo, blamed the attacks on the

“After the cowardly attacks on the part of the Northeast Cartel in Nuevo Laredo, the (government of Tamaulipas) will not let down its guard and will continue acting with strength against criminals ,” he wrote.

According to security expert Alejandro Hope , this cartel is led by Juan Gerardo Treviño Chávez , known as “Huevo.” His uncle, Miguel Ángel Treviño Morales , known as the " Z40 ,” who is the former leader of .

Archives from the Defense Ministry (Sedena) explain that Los Zetas was created in 1997 , when the Mexican and U.S. governments agreed to include military officers in the fight against in the border between both countries, in the state of Tamaulipas.

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For this purpose, the Sedena deployed several officials with special training to work as civilians in the Federal Judicial Police (PJF) . Back then, this organization was in charge of the fight against drug trafficking but it was full of corruption .

The team was named “Zeta,” and it was led by Arturo Guzmán Decena . A few months into the operation, the soldiers betrayed the army and joined the (CDG) as the drug lord's bodyguards.

This way, drug lord Osiel Cárdenas Guillén used the group named Los Zetas as an armed branch in order to conquer locations outside Tamaulipas, such as Piedras Negras , in Coahuila.

In 2010. the former militaries leave the CDG and form their own cartel.

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After Miguel Ángel Treviño Morales was arrested. His brother Omar Treviño , known as “ Z42 ,” took over but he was arrested in March 201 5. Francisco "Kiko" Treviño Chávez then took the lead.

Treviño renamed the cartel as the “ Northeast Cartel ” and led the criminal organization until September 2016 , when he was arrested by the DEA in Houston.

Furthermore, after internal turmoil, the Z40 took the lead but was then arrested, so now Juan Gerardo Treviño Chávez , "Huevo,” is leading the drug cartel.

Military reports indicate that the CDN mainly operates in Tamaulipas , near the U.S. border and one of the most violent states in Mexico. It also operated in Nuevo León , where Monterrey , one of the most affluent cities, is located.

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In Tamaulipas, this cartel controls Nuevo Ladero and is disputing the control of other areas with the Gulf Cartel , the Old School Zetas ( Zetas Vieja Escuela), and the (CJNG).

Tension over the cartels intensified in November when suspected cartel members massacred in northern Mexico.

U.S. President Donald Trump has threatened to in response to a series of bloody security breaches triggered by cartel gunmen.

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