AMLO's best friend

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AMLO's best friend
Romero Deschamps, Pemex's union leader - Photo: Lucia Godinez/EL UNIVERSAL
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AMLO's best friend

Now that there is a cleanse and persecutions at Pemex, President López Obrador has s new best friend. It's the leader of Mexico's Oil Workers Union, Carlos Romero Deschamps, who for the second time in the last few days, has publicly expressed his support to the President in the fight against fuel theft. We've been told that the union is not only supportive, but also generous, even if López Obrador took a swipe at them, after saying that between 500 to 1,000 tanker trucks will be incorporated to Pemex to transport fuel, but that they wouldn't be controlled by the union yet the union publicly praised his strategy by saying that “the government is on the right path.” Those are true friends!

Division at the PRD

Six PRD federal legislators decided to join Morena and vote in favor of the National Guard. Meanwhile, other 13 PRD legislators voted against it. The decision to vote in favor of the National Guard generated a response from the PRD's national leadership, as it threatened to expel the six legislators that were on AMLO's side this time.

The fight against fuel theft was been blessed

The fight against fuel theft has been praised and blessed by Mexico's Archbishop-Primate, cardinal Carlos Aguiar Retes, and the president of the General Conference of the Mexican Episcopate, Rogelio Cabrera López. And now Father Alejandro Solalinde has joined in. We've been told that the polemic priest asked society to defend and participate in the fight against corruption, and he claimed that it's not the President's fight, but a fight that should be carried out by all Mexicans.

More dismissals at the IMSS and ISSSTE

We've been told that trusted employees at the IMSS and the ISSSTE have got together to ask authorities that before they dismiss all the workers that aren't part the syndicate, they go over the results and the efficiency of every employee, as not all the workers backed by a union are saints and not all trusted employees are lazy, they say. Since December, Germán Martínez, the head of the IMSS, announced that some administrative areas and delegations would disappear, then, Luis Antonio Ramírez Pineda, the head of the ISSSTE, said that at least 3,000 workers would be dismissed. Both have agreed not to affect the medical staff. Nevertheless, the trusted employees are asking for fairness and not a butchery.


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