AMLO urges involved parties to resolve Peñasquito mine conflict

Operations at Peñasquito gold mine have been intermittent since March 2019

AMLO urges involved parties to resolve Peñasquito mine conflict
Newmont GoldCorp is the top gold producer in the world - Photo: Taken from Newmont Goldcorp's Facebook account
English 01/10/2019 14:21 Reuters Mexico City Miguel Ángel López, Noé Torres, Anthony Esposito & Catherine Evans/REUTERS Actualizada 14:21
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On Monday, Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that he has asked the parties involved in an ongoing conflict at the Peñasquito gold mine in Mexico to do their part to help resolve their differences.

“We’re asking everyone to help reach an agreement,” López Obrador said at his daily press conference when asked about the situation at the open-pit mine located in northern Zacatecas state.

On September 18, the world’s top gold producer, Newmont Goldcorp said it had offered USD $25 million in community investments and land rental fees to resolve the conflict at its Peñasquito mine, but activists said they were unsatisfied.


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