17 | JUL | 2019
AMLO adds fuel to the fire
The President-elect called for a public consultation - Photo: Alejandra Leyva/EL UNIVERSAL

AMLO adds fuel to the fire

Mexico City
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AMLO adds fuel to the fire

A few hours before the consultation on the airport projects, Texcoco and Santa Lucía, different characters from the industry and others from the finance sector have voiced their opinions or points of view about the advantages of the Texcoco project. U.S. airlines gave their opinion, Mexico's Air Pilots Union Association, and Citybanamex did as well, to try and warn of the best conditions for the airport named NAIM. But the comparison made by the bank of the possible “October mistake” in 2018 with the “December mistake” from 1994, in case they choose Santa Lucía, set off the alarms in the President-elect's team, to the point where Andrés Manuel had to record a video during a flight, to try and calm the investors, markets, and the peso-dollar parity. In short, he said that there would be no economic crisis or a devaluation, in case of opting for Santa Lucía. None of that! he said. The topic is hotter than ever.

The PAN keeps on bleeding at San Lázaro

We're told that Morena's coordinator in Congress, Mario Delgado, informed the Directive Board in San Lázaro about the integration of Luis Fernando Salazar, a legislator from Coahuila, to Morena. Previously, Salazar Fernández left the PAN, led by Juan Carlos Romero Hicks. Mr. Luis Fernando left the PAN to join Morena. With this, they explain, Morena keeps on growing, whose parliamentary group is formed by 256 legislators, while the PAN has 78. The twists of political fate.

Morena will pay Elba Esther with love

In Chiapas, we're told, the teachers are divided. Among the “most conscious ones”, who are on Elba Esther Gordillo's side, and the others. Morena's legislator, Arlett Aguilar Molina, was the one who coined that division to flatter the teachers part of the Teachers for Mexico organization, during their visit to Congress. At the meeting, the Chiapas legislator thanked them for their votes during the July election, and added that “now it's our turn to help you.” They say you pack love with love, and the time to pay the bills has come.

The cardinal's kidnap

If it is confirmed that last Sunday, the attempted kidnap of the former archbishop was prevented, Norberto Rivera Carrera, we're told that the issue would end up setting off the alarms in Mexico City. With the end of the current local government, the violence generated by cartels and drug dealers, who also control other crimes such as extortion; therefore, the cardinal's kidnap would have gotten the security and justice authorities in trouble. Now, we're told, they still have to arrest the rest of the alleged kidnappers, who also murdered a local police officer. Just what Mexico City needed, the kidnap of a cardinal.


The environmental impact of tezontle extraction in New Mexico City Airport

The ongoing exploitation of tezontle mines in Texcoco could have devastating effects on the environment
The environmental impact of tezontle extraction in New Mexico City AirportThe environmental impact of tezontle extraction in New Mexico City Airport


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