Alleged ISIS members never made it to Mexico

After there were reports claiming that the men could be in Mexico, they were located in Nicaragua

Alleged ISIS members never made it to Mexico
A member of the Islamic State waves an ISIL flag - Photo: Stringer/REUTERS
English 25/06/2019 13:49 José Meléndez, corresponsal Mexico City Actualizada 14:01
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After media reported that three alleged ISIS members could enter or had already entered Mexico, authorities from Costa Rica announced that the three men were located in Nicaragua and that they will be deported to Costa Rica.

The three men, one from Iraq and two from Egypt, arrived in Costa Rica on June 9. According to Costa Rican authorities, they were planning to arrive in Mexico and make their way to the U.S.

According to official information, the men entered Panama on May 12 and then traveled to the Costa Rica-Panama border and entered Costa Rica on June 9.

Costa Rican authorities claim that the men entered the country legally and that their background checks showed no alarming information.

Furthermore, the Costa Rican Security Ministry said that the alleged terrorists are in Nicaragua and will be sent to Costa Rica and then deported to their home countries.

Information spread in Mexico on Monday, when it was alleged that the Mexican government had been warned about three alleged terrorists and their plans to enter Mexico.

Today, President Andres Manuel López Obrador said that his security cabinet was responding to information that three ISIS members could enter Mexico.

On Monday, the Security Minister said these people would be detained if they tried to come into Mexican territory.


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