Pablo Lyle sues the state of Florida

Currently, Pablo Lyle is under house arrest in Miami, Florida

Accused of involuntary manslaughter, Mexican actor Pablo Lyle sues the state of Florida
Mexican actor Pablo Lyle caused the involuntary death of a Cuban man last year - Photo: File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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The case of Mexican actor Pablo Lyle, who is facing a trial in Miami, Florida on involuntary manslaughter, could make a U-turn since his lawyers, headed by Bruce H. Lehr, have decided to sue the state of Floride at the Third District Court of Appeal. “What is being said in this sue is that authorities made a mistake by not acknowledging there was a high-risk of personal safety against the accused – Pablo Lyle – and his companions because the man who began the whole problem was out of his mind,” mentioned to EL UNIVERSAL “José,” a person close to the case, who asked to remain anonymous and who has had access to documents of this new sue.

Lyle was part of an incident on March 31, 2019, in Miami, when Juan Ricardo Hernández, a 63-years-old Cuban, went out of his car on a red light and went to the vehicle where Lyle was the copilot with the company of a woman and three minors, in addition to the driver. Hernández went to the driver’s door, Lucas Delfino, hit the glass and scolded him on his way of driving.

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Delfino opened the door and got off the car without stopping it, so it kept moving and made him go back. At that moment, Juan Ricardo Hernández went back to his car and Pablo Lyle got off of the van to punch the Cuban in the face and went back to the van. Hernández immediately fell down and was left unconscious; after several days in a hospital, he died.

The sue presented against the state of Florida will try to show legal discrepancy that would work in favor of the Mexican actor. Among them, and the most important one, a reasonable doubt that after the argument with Delfino, Juan Ricardo Hernández went back to his car and no one knew if he could have gone for a firearms to use them against them or if he would get on the car to try some dangerous action against their lives.

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Technically, Pablo Lyle would have prevented some of these actions by punching the Cuban and escaping. According to Florida law, “danger” means the possibility of being hurt or damaged.

In an interview with Telemundo, lawyer Lehr declared that “it will be the judge who will assess all the actions that took place at that moment,” suggesting that the defense is precisely looking for a reasonable doubt by Lyle and his companions for the actor to act the way he did and thus portray his companions as possible victims of Hernández.

“In the United States, a single reasonable doubt is enough for a defendant to have a legal window that allows him to be declared not guilty and this is what [Pablo Lyle’s] team of lawyers is trying to cause,” said “José;” “now, we must wait for the decision of the Court of Appeal to know the course this case will take.”

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Last January, judge Marlene Fernández denied the Mexican actor the possibility to go out of Miami for considering he could try not to come back for his sentence. Lyle’s legal team had asked for permission for him to travel to Mexico to visit his relatives.

In the meantime, the next hearing to know the future of the Mexican actor who is under house arrest is set for March 1.

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