80% of tequila is exported to the U.S.

Tequila sales have rocketed in the last couple of years; the U.S. is its biggest market

80% of tequila is exported to the U.S.
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Rodolfo González González, president of the National Chamber of the Tequila Industry, confirmed that the United States is the biggest tequila market, which represents over 80% percent of the exports.

During the National Tequila Day in the U.S., he added that the neighboring country's market "is the main destination for the tequila industry, by mid-2018 it represented 83.2% of the total tequila export, and the rest was distributed among 120 countries".

He pointed out that tequila has experienced an accelerated rise in North America "thanks to the trend of premium liqueurs, which makes consumers see this spirit drink as a first class drink that can be tasted alone or as a cocktail foundation".

He said that in 2017 tequila grew 6.1% in the U.S. and that it "reached 17.35 million 9 liters boxes exported, the percentage of tequila consumption in North America amounts to 7.6% ". The main U.S. states that consume tequila are California, Texas, Florida, New York and Illinois.

According to the Liquor Handbook study, July is one of the months when there's a rise in tequila consumption in the U.S., and it represents 10.2% of the annual consumption. He said that the rise is a result of the National Tequila Day, as well as Independence Day.

He highlighted that nowadays the consumers' palate is increasingly demanding; they know more about the process and quality of this ancestral drink.

He recalled that the CNIT, which was established in 1959, has maintained its aim to promote the drink worldwide: "we have created alliances with various agencies and governments in order to create new opportunities for tequila."

"We recently carried out a commercial mission in Orlando, where 8 tequila companies held various business meetings and promotional activities, and we participated in the 3rd Tequila Show at the Consulate of Mexico in Orlando, where they shared the culture and potential behind our national drink".

He pointed out that through the Tequila Chamber's efforts, they will "continue to diversify markets so that more countries can savor tequila."


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