10 Mexican brands to make you fall in love with fashion

Argelia Maupomé
10 Mexican brands to make you fall in love with fashion
Mexican designers are recognized internationally – Photo: Taken from Trista's Instagram account

10 Mexican brands to make you fall in love with fashion

Argelia Maupomé
Mexico City
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These are Mexico's 10 most talented designers

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Creativity and talent are very important things for a fashion brand to succeed. Mexico is full of talented designers and the following brands represent Mexico with the best of design and talent:

1. Trista

Founded by José Alfredo Silva and Giovanni Estrada in 2006. They're inspired by literature, history, their surroundings, and Mexico. Their DNA is composed by volume and embroideries.


2. Yakampot


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Founded by Francisco Cancino, Yakampot recovers the beauty of traditional dresses from Mexico. Each of their clothes is created in collaboration with artisans from all over the country. The brand also preserves indigenous techniques and iconography.

3. Gloom

Created by Sergio González and Brenda Johnson, this brand uses monochromatic color palettes every season. Their key inspirations are geometric cuts and modern architecture.

4. Ziutika



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David Souza founded the brand, which fuses femininity with an elegant style.

5. Manov

Pavel Jiménez is breaking with stereotypes in male fashion. His monochromatic essence, high-quality materials, and risky cuts are some of his main characteristics.

6. Malafacha

It was created by Francisco Saldaña and Victor Hernal. They have shown their collections at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico City and Google+ Fashion, as well as at the Fashion Art Toronto in Canada.

7. Doce Cero Tres



Bomber de lentejuela reversible rosa y plata con mangas de piel Doce Cero Tres

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Vincent Agostino founded the brand in 2005. Its style can be defined as 'glam rock'.

8. 1/8 Takamura

Guillermo Vargas is the genius behind this brand. The brand deconstructs classic pieces and turns them into more contemporary and androgynous pieces.

9. Domi

Their t-shirts are characterized by their prints and embroideries. Their line includes t-shirts with the words “dude” and “whatever”, and illustrations created exclusively for this brand

10. Lordag & Sondag



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Simplicity, quality, and functionality characterize this brand. Their Scandinavian influence distinguishes it from other Mexican brands.


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