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1 billion MXN for 19-S?

Mexico City
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1 billion MXN for 19-S?

Ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) members won't budge an inch on the contributions of the political parties to the victims of the September 7 and 19 earthquakes, and have launched a campaign in the media to declare the political forces in Mexico can immediately provide a fund of one billion Mexican pesos to support the victims. How? The national leader of the PRI, Enrique Ochoa Reza, has said his party has renounced to the 100% of the resources they were going to receive for the rest of the 2017 – a little over 258 millions of MXN. Then, we would add the 189 millions of the National Action Party (PAN), the 113 millions of the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD), the 54 millions of the Labour Party (PT), the 84 millions of the Green Party (PVEM), the 78 millions of the Citizen's Movement Party (MC), the 60 millions of the New Alliance Party (PANAL), the 95 millions of the National Regeneration Party (MORENA), and the 57 millions of the Social Encounter Party (PES). Of course, the campaign has announced that we Mexicans are facing an emergency and “it doesn't matter who did what first.” Demagogy or true will to help?

The INE's lesson

We've been told the National Electoral Institute (INE) has learned a lesson on the matter of money and now they're proposing an agreement with the General Council to apply a wage reduction to high-ranking officials in order to support the workers of the institute which were victims of the 19-S earthquake. A few months ago under the strife on the lavishness of the Government's agencies, the Executive Board of the INE reduced in 10% the wages of the councilors, yet the Electoral Court of the Judicial Branch meddled in the affair and decided that this administrative measure was outside the jurisdiction of the Institute, and it actually was the responsibility of the maximum body of the Institute's Board. To avoid a repeat, we've been told the decision will be taken to the General Council, where it will be voted on.

Account rendition for PAN “rebels”

The account rendition has begun. The legislative commissions saw the offensive maneuver against one of the “rebel” senators of the National Action Party (PAN). We're told the coordinator of the PAN, Fernando Herrera, has ordered – per instruction of the national leader of his party, Ricardo Anaya, to separate Ernesto Cordero and Jorge Luis Lavalle from the Finance commission. The order was to integrate senator Ernesto Ruffo. At the Second Legislative Studies commission, it was asked to replace senator Roberto Gil with senator Víctor Hermosillo. According to our PAN sources, the movements are aimed to have those loyal to Anaya score “the votes” needed for the discussion of the Public Works Law, within the second generation laws against corruption. Thus, the PAN “rebels” are, little by little, losing their positions in the Senate.

Who will run for the Front in Mexico City?

Even if they deny it, we're told Ricardo Monreal and Xóchitl Gálvez do want to be candidates of the Citizen's Front for Mexico to run for Mexico City Mayor. Our sources say the measurements of the left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) confirm the national leader of the party, Alejandra Barrales, has a good position to compete with the aspiring candidate of the far- left National Regeneration Party (MORENA), Claudia Sheinbaum. However, Monreal also seems a formidable adversary: in a face-off, he is still below Barrales, but against Sheinbaum, he has the possibility of subtracting a considerable amount of votes to the Morena in Mexico City. Another one of his advantages is that he would take with him part of the structure the MORENA members were counting for in Mexico City, not only to win the local elections but to establish Andrés Manuel López Obrador in the capital city. The case of Ms. Xóchitl, well the members of the Front don't seem to have a great interest in her, but she wouldn't say no to the candidacy if offered.


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