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A biodynamic practice in Finca La Carrodilla

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Finca La Carrodilla, in Ejido El Porvenir in Guadalupe Valley, Baja California, has become a sustainable wine producer, a premise that is the basis of its existence. Its drive involves young people that observe the future, producing certificated wines based on a biodynamic agriculture and other elaboration practices that seek the harmonization with their surroundings.

The project led by Fernando Pérez Castro started in 2011 and since its foundation, his objective was clear: to think first about the Earth. The varietal wines produced are elaborated from grape varieties cultivated with organic agriculture and their labor has brought the certification granted by the Institute for Marketecology (IMO), an international body for the inspection, certification and quality control of organic, eco-friendly and socially-responsible products.

La Carrodilla founder confirms that they are the first certified wine producer with these enology proposals in the Guadalupe Valley.

In 2013, La Carrodilla introduced the first mono-varietal wines elaborated from Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Tempranillo wine varieties. There were 3500 bottles that only a fortunate few were lucky to taste. The 2012 vintage, was awarded by the 23rd edition of the International Contest, Ensenada Land of Wine (Concurso Internacional, Ensenada Tierra de Vinos).

“The biodynamic concept proposes, among other aspects, that the project procures both the health of the plants and the health of the Earth,” said Fernando. In this way, a community labor that generates products integrating environmental systems is consolidated with an annual production of 25000 wine bottles, honey bee, fruit preserves, an organic garden, an animal farm, olive oil production and even beer.

Jimena Rábago, agronomist from the Costa Rican EARTH University, takes care of the soil constitution procuring natural elements of the region to maintain the ecosystem, enriching the soil with marc and manure, which provides Nitrogen. This technique is just an example to understand how a biodynamic wine producer works and the constant correlation between the vineyards, microorganisms and the Earth. 


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