Spring Orchids Exhibition in Mexico City

Starting tomorrow and until May 20, there will be workshops, planting of some species, origami and watercolor painting in Centro Cultural Isidro Fabela

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Mexico has around 1.400 species of orchids, 300 of which are endemic, and the Spring Orchids Exhibition 2017, Humboldt's Voyages, present a possibility to learn about some of them.

The exhibition, which starts tomorrow and ends next May 20 in Centro Cultural Isidro Fabela, Casa del Risco, in Álvaro Obregón borough, will also offer the chance to acquire some orchids and goods for their tending, along with a series of conferences and outdoor workshops.

Orchids represent perhaps one of the biggest plant families, with 25 thousand identified species, and even when their variations are significant regarding form and size, their basic structure consists of three sepals and three petals, one of them, the labellum, being different from the rest, according to information from the Mexican Association of Orchidology, the institution in charge of organizing the event.

The exposition will offer floral arrangement workshops, planting of some species, origami and watercolor painting, everything centered around the care of this type of flowers, as well as conferences which seek to spread the knowledge about some species and increase the attendants' awareness of their tending.


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