Orozco mural damaged by earthquake to be restored

A team of 12 experts will work for 4 months to repair several cracks that the mural suffered after an earthquake in 2015.

Photo: EFE
English 16/01/2017 18:53 EFE Guadalajara, Jalisco Actualizada 18:53

Mexican experts began restoration work on the mural The Creator and Rebel (El hombre creador y rebelde) in Guadalajara by Mexican muralist José Clemente Orzoco, which suffered damages after the 4.8 magnitude that struck off the Jalisco coast on May 11, 2015

The earthquake caused 20% of the mural to suffer cracks and fissures on its surface, as well as the paint to peel off. The mural was painted by Orozco in 1937 at the Guadalajara University's Paranymph Dome.

13% of the cracks and fissures are a result of past eathquakes that were restored at such time, and the rest of the damage is “not severe,” said Alberto González, the restoration project's director, during a press conference.

“We detected several cracks that already existed and others that are relatively new. A layer with paint in certain sections completely peeled off and fell on the floor below, making it difficult to recover,” said the expert.

Around a dozen restorers and technicians from the National Fine Arts Institute (INBA) will work for four months on the nearly 20-foot-tall mural for over.

The technicians will focus on stabilizing the material used in the fresco, reinforce the most vulnerable areas, and create types of patches that will avoid the original fresco from suffering further damage in any future earthquakes.

Together with Diego Rivera and David Alfaro Siqueiros, Orzoco is one of the most important and well-known Mexican muralists who created large-scale murals in Jalisco, Mexico City, across Mexico and several cities in the U.S. including New York.