Mayor of Cuernavaca decides to end one-day hunger strike

Cuauhtémoc Blanco announced his decision after the Mexican Supreme Court (SCJN) granted him a new suspension to the impeachment process promoted against him

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English 18/12/2016 13:40 Justino Miranda / Corresponsal Cuernavaca, Morelos Actualizada 13:55
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The mayor of Cuernavaca, Cuauhtémoc Blanco Bravo, decided to end his one-day hunger strike in Cuernavaca’s Cathedral earlier today, which he commenced yesterday in protest to the impeachment process promoted against his office by the local congress of the state of Morelos.

Blanco Bravo made his decision known during a rally held outside Cuernavaca´s Cathedral in Hidalgo street, and was accompanied by the Head of the Autonomous University of Morelos, Alejandro Vera, the activist, Javier Sicilia, and leaders of the Citizen’s Movements Coordinator of Morelos (CMMC), all of whom are political opponents to current governor of Morelos, Graco Ramírez.

Cuauhtémoc Blanco’s decision came after the Mexican Supreme Court (SCJN) granted him a new suspension to the impeachment process promoted against him. This enables him to keep his office until the Supreme Court analyzes the constitutional controversy promoted by Blanco against the impeachment process to his office.

Additionally, Blanco Bravo announced that Marco Lara Olmos will be reinstated as his Municipal Secretary.

Cuernavaca’s mayor emphasized that he will see that the city hall is freed from the police forces of the Single Police Command after meeting with the Commissioner of Public Safety of the state, Alberto Capella. However, the Ministry of the Interior of the state of Morelos, Matías Quiróz, informed that “the government of the state of Morelos assumes the duties of the Police Single Command at once and temporarily” in a message via twitter.

At the end of the meeting Blanco Bravo and his supporters attended the mass given by the bishop Ramón Castro, who is one of the Catholic supporters of Blanco’s political movement.

Spokesmen of the mayor of Cuernavaca informed that they will dedicate all their efforts to organizing the first Mayor’s Address to the city which is programmed for next Tuesday in the City’s Museum.



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