Mayor of Cuernavaca begins hunger strike

Cuauhtémoc Blanco offers brief press conference before starting hunger strike inside Cuernavaca’s Cathedral in protest for the impeachment process approved against his office last Thursday

Photo: Tony Rivera / EL UNIVERSAL
English 17/12/2016 13:07 Justino Miranda / Corresponsal Cuernavaca, Morelos Actualizada 13:22
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Mayor of Cuernavaca, Morelos, and former soccer-star, Cuauhtémoc Blanco Bravo, started a hunger strike yesterday in protest for the impeachment process approved by the Congress of Morelos against his office a day earlier.

Inside of Cuernavaca’s Cathedral Blanco Bravo began his hunger strike and assured the media that he is calm and relies fully on God. Also, he confirmed that his work team will support him throughout the hunger strike and complained that several political forces have plotted against him: “it feels as a coup d’ état”.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) has installed a Committee of magistrates to analyze the impeachment approved by the local Congress against Blanco Bravo. The Committee is chaired by Verónica Cuevas López, head of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), Helda Flores León and Manuel Díaz Carvajal. 

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