Duarte wanted on money laundering and organized crime charges

Veracruz State Governor Jaiver Duarte went on the run after an arrest warrant was issued in his name

English 19/10/2016 21:28 Astrid Sánchez Actualizada 21:36
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Mexico's top prosecutor Arely Gómez González has announced that Mexico's Security Cabinet, together with the Attorney's General Office, are on the hunt for escaped former governor of Veracruz, Javier Duarte, who's wanted on charges of money laundering and organized crime.

“As soon as the competent arrest warrant was issued, we began working towards locating the whereabouts of Javier Duarte. We're also 100% committed to following due process and respecting the suspect's human rights,” said Ms. Gómez González at a security meeting held in the state of Guerrero.  

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