Heavy military operations launched in Sinaloa

The operations were reportedly launched to search for those responsible in the ambush of a military convoy on September 30 that left 5 soldiers dead

Photo: Iván Stephens / EL UNIVERSAL
English 17/10/2016 17:02 Sinaloa Javier Cabrera Martínez / Correspondent Actualizada 17:04
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Federal armed forces, backed by artillery helicopters, launched several heavy operations early Monday morning in Culiacán and Navolato, Sinaloa, presumably in search of the members of the crime organization that ambushed a military convoy on September 30, killing 5 soldiers and injuring 10 others.

As part of the operations, one of the first actions was carried out in Navolato, where the armed forces detected several vehicles that were followed from the air and also on the ground by marine officers.

Two military helicopters patrolled several heavily populated neighborhoods; however, no information has been provided regarding the results of this operation.

The only information released so far is that marine officers seized a luxury SUV at a house that was searched; however, there are no reports of any arrests made during the search.

In the early morning of September 30, a convoy carrying 17 military officers was attacked with Barret M82 rifles and grenades. The military officers were escorting a Red Cross ambulance that was transporting an injured person from the Badiraguato federal prison, who's been identified as Julio Oscar “El Kevin” Ortiz Vega. “El Kevin” was rescued by the armed group.  

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