Former tennis player and wife murdered by armed assailants

Former tennis player and wife murdered this morning by armed assailants; 21-year-old daughter also injured in crossfire.

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Cuernavaca – Former tennis player and recent instructor Pablo Moreno and his wife were murdered this morning by an armed assailants that attacked them while in their vehicle. Their 21-year-old daughter was also injured in the crossfire.

The Cuernavaca State Attorney General (FGE) reports that according to preliminary investigations, two suspects approached the vehicle and shot at the suspects. Moreno died at the scene, while his wife and daughter – 41 and 21, respectively – were rushed to a nearby hospital, where his wife was later pronounced dead.

13 shots were fired at the vehicle's windshield, four on the driver's side and one on the passenger's side, reports the State Attorney General. 

Moreno was a tennis instructor at the Cuernavaca Racquet Club, where he served as a trainer and Morelos state delegate for several National Olympics organizations where several of his alumni went on to represent their state in nationwide finals. 

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