Trump is too extreme for Latino voters: Poll

According to a Telemundo, NBC News and WSJ, eight out of every 10 Hispanics see him as too extreme.

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English 17/07/2016 22:18 AP Washington Actualizada 22:52
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Eight out of every 10 Hispanic voters think that the policies endorsed by Republican hopeful Donald Trump are too extreme, according to a poll presented Sunday.

In contrast, more than seven out of ten voters polled this month by Hart Research Associates for Telemundo, NBC News and the Wall Street Journal see Democrat Hillary Clinton more in tune with most of America.

At least 64% of the Latino voters expressed a negative opinion of the Republican Party, in contrast with just 14% against the Democratic Party, according to the poll presented a day before the start of the Republican National Convention, to be held in Cleveland from July 18 to 21.

Three of every 10 Hispanic voters consider that the immigration policies of the Republicans are removed from the general position of the American people, followed by race and abortion (19%) and guns (15%).

Trump has proposed the mass deportation of 11 million undocumented immigrants, the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico and the end of the policies of President Barack Obama to stop deportations and give temporary work permits to immigrants in such circumstances.

He also wants to stop the entry of Muslims to the country, at least temporarily, albeit recently he has tried to retract from that position.

When asked about whom would they vote, 72% of the Latino voters surveyed said that they would vote for Clinton, 12% for Trump and seven percent for Gary Johnson, with five percent saying that they would vote for Jill Stein, the presidential candidate of the Green Party.

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