A fetus and two minors found in Tetelcingo mass grave

A two and a seven-year-old, and a 36-week-old fetus were found in the area.

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The number of exhumed bodies picked from the mass graves in the municipality of Tetelcingo rose to 117, one above the number reported by the Office of the State Attorney General in 2014, with the remains of two minors and a fetus.

The last body was found around 11:00 a.m., marking the would-be ending of the exhumation process started 12 days ago.

State Attorney General Javier Pérez Durón said that the last sets of remains are composed by "a fetus, a (two-year-old) toddler and a (seven-year-old) child, as well a different human remains, limbs. But I don't want to go into numbers ... but, samples will be taken from the 117 bodies and the remains found".

The cemetery, a private area used irregularly as a graveyard for the last 17 years, has two mass graves which were used to lay down 118 bodies without due process in 2014.

In the last few months, Pérez Durón reported that in 2014 the then authorities buried 54 bodies for the Oriental jurisdiction area and 64 under orders of the Metropolitan area, for a total of 118.

Two of the bodies were delivered to their families at the end of that year, among them a teacher who was the presumed victim of a kidnap. They were buried at the mass grave even while they were fully identified.

Even while the official number of buried bodies has been reached, Pérez Durón said last Monday that the crews will continue digging just in case, in order to find any other remains at the grave and the neighbouring area.

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