Puerto Vallarta cancels a performance of Gerardo Ortiz

The banda singer is under investigation for crime apology.

Puerto Vallarta cancels a performance of Gerardo Ortiz
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English 07/05/2016 22:50 Puerto Vallarta/Puerto Vallarta Actualizada 22:50
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A presentation by banda singer Gerardo Ortiz at the Villaseñor esplanade of Puerto Vallarta has been canceled as requested by the Attorney General of the State of Jalisco.


Mayor Arturo Dávalos received the request last May 2. The singer is currently under investigation for an alleged apology of organized crime his lyrics.


According to Attorney General Eduardo Almaguer, Ortiz exalts leaders of organized crime and it is probable that members of criminal gangs could attend the performance, posing a risk to other attendees.


Dávalos acceded to the request and Almaguer praised him for his courage, saying that other mayors did not do the right thing.


That claim was apparently addressed to the mayor of Tepatitlán, Hector Hugo Bravo, who refused to cancel Ortiz's performance arguing that the city would have to pay a millionaire compensation.

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