Presumed pedophile in Tabasco still unidentified

Nobody has presented a formal accusation against the subject, according to the authorities.

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English 05/04/2016 18:08 Notimex Villahermosa, Tabasco Actualizada 18:09
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The suspected pedophile who sexually abused a girl in a restaurant in the city of Villahermosa has not been identified and was probably just visiting the area, according to the Office of the Attorney General of the State of Tabasco.

Attorney General Fernando Valenzuela Pernas expressed that nobody has formally denounced the incident, but the investigations will nevertheless continue.

In an interview, he reported that the authorities are working with the personnel in the restaurant, but they were unable to use the recordings of the security cameras in the premises.

In any case, they will work with the recordings from the cameras in the mall where the restaurant is located.

Deputy attorney Aureola Rodríguez Cupil also said that they authorities will use a video recorded inside the restaurant, documenting the alleged sexual assault, to obtain images of the alleged pedophile face and use them in the investigations which began last Sunday, when the video was published on social networks.

She added that it is possible that the people on the video were just visitors in the area. The video presents the alleged male pedophile with the girl on his lap and two women sharing a table with them.

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